I showed Babu her entries from three years of New Year’s Eves and Days and there were no revelations, only sweetness.  She remembered Harlan’s name but not him, and had no big reaction to the kiss with him.  Ha!  However, when she remembers you, you’re one lucky duck.  She told me four times how beautiful Ernie was.  You know how genuine she is by how long it takes her to say the word.  “Beeuutiful.”  She told me again how boys wanted to be with her but she only had eyes for Jeb.  And again, every time she sees Zosh’s name she reminds me:  “She was my best friend.”

She kept saying, in shocked tones, the times she went to bed.  “6:00!  That’s when you get up!”  I kept trying to tell her:  “Well you were partying!”  But she would just shake her head and exclaim at the next late hour she stayed out dancing to.  This lady went to bed just before the ball dropped last night.  I went down stairs to see if she would around 11:15.  She was already in the bathroom with her glasses off and on the kitchen table.  I went back again right before midnight and she was in bed. However, I’m suspicious the feisty woman who stayed up until 6 is not fully behind us. 😉


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