The Sarlacc Pit of Time

Technically, you could make it out of a Sarlacc pit alive.  It does happen but it’s very unlikely.


(I think the interwebs is crediting this image with Dave Dorman.)

The day after Christmas I finally bring down the Wigilia and Christmas entries for Babu to read.  We read and talk about 6 short passages for close to 45 minuets as I multi tasked and folded the laundry and she would loose her place and read the same passage several times.  We read about all of her suitors but she cannot remember them, except from Drobey and another boy who is possibly not even in the passages.  I ask her is she knows who Johnny K is but she can’t remember.  The only Johnny she can remember was the son of the people who owned the house that they rented.  “They would have liked me for a daughter in law but…you know how you feel about people.”  Not the same Johnny, she’s pretty sure.  Sorry Johnny, you may have left her beautiful white gloves but you are erased.  I asked if she remembers Jaime and she has no recollection.  “Well, he brought you a 5 lbs box of candy every year!”  I tell her and she exclaimed:  “Five pounds!”  She didn’t say it but I know she was thinking: All the calories!  But sorry Jaime, you are not remembered.  You’ve been dropped into the pit.

She does remember Jeb.  Her friend Ernie married him and she can’t remember if she went to their wedding or not but she does remember:  “She was a beautiful girl but she would only go out with him.  Other boys were interested but she only went out with him.”

It’s simply a fact, some things that seem so important to us now, a five lb box of candy every christmas! – will be forgotten.  Another fact is that Jaimie and Johnny are mostly likely dead, like everyone she grew up with.  I don’t really know how to feel about these facts.  It’s necessary, to let things go that no longer matter now.  It’s interesting what she does remember.  She remembers that Drobey’s father was not in his life.  Whether he was dead or left she cannot remember but she brings it up every time she reads his name in the passage, as if that were the only important thing about him.  Drobey – fatherless.  I think that stays with her as sorrow for him and gratitude for the father who was an integral part of her life into his 90s. I don’t think she can imagine having lived her life with out her own father.   Every time she reads Sophie’s name she’ll say, my best friend, with reverence so profound.

Somethings do stay, tight.  Something will get lost forever to the Sarlacc pit.  I think about what is lost down there and I’d like to retrieve it.  Maybe I’ll come up with a plan someday when I run out of what’s in the present.  I’ll need some really good Mandalorean armor, though.



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