Everyone Loves a Christmas Special 1935, 36, 37

Wednesday, December 25, 1935
A happy Christmas day.  Only Jaime disappointed me.  He sent me a sweetheart card (I hate that) and a 5lb box of candy.  Zosh and I saw “The Crusades.”  She had supper up the house.  Our story teller “Mike” was there, too.  Then I played and we sang Christmas carols.

(Oh boy!  In 1935 she couldn’t keep the boys away!  🙂 )

Friday December 25, 1936
Got a lovely card from Drobey.  Zosh got me a mockery Set.  Aunt Nelly and the family and John Dudek and his two brothers, Alice, Jimmy, Grandma, the Polchepeck’s from Holyoke, Jimmy’s father, mother and Mike were all here.  Such singing and dancing and playing.  You could hear us way out on the street.  Mother’s turkey came out beautifully.  Got 5 lbs of candy today and a slip.  Couldn’t stand the noise about 9 o’clock and went next door.  We all talked with exception Johnny (coded short hand?) and inclusion fDrob.  He looked nice and so did Andy.


Saturday December 25th 1937
Slept all through Christmas morning Aunty and I went to the Lludek farm and I had more wine than I usually have which is none) and it went to my head.  We came home about 7:15 and I went to Zosh’s.  She and Nat were at the show so I went to meet them there.  Saw “Second Honeymoon” and “Saturday’s Heroes”  Nat gave me perfume and Zosh pajamas.  Johnny K left beautiful white gloves while we were away.


I gave Babu a journal this year and I knew she would have a hard time opening it so I tried to use very little tape and fold over the paper so she had a thick area to open.  I didn’t account for the fact that she wouldn’t want to rip the wrapping paper.  She wouldn’t have it, so I basically opened it for her.  She laughed and chalked it up to being Polish.  Ha!  She is so funny.  We yelled at each other: “Oh it’s just going to get thrown away, just rip it.”  “Then I won’t open it!”  We laughed and she said:  “I couldn’t imagine yelling like that.  Unless it’s for fun,”  And we laughed again.  That’s just the type of person she is.  She doesn’t yell.  She can be set in her ways and want things a certain way, but having it out?  No.  She looked at the journal and said it was too nice for her handwriting, which I don’t think I’ll be able to read when I get to those some day.  I told her I feel the same way when someone gives me a really nice journal – I got beautiful ones for Christmas and I’m writing in a composition notebook.  I hope when the new year starts she does begin to write in this new pretty one.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. animar64 says:

    What a lovely time! So glad you shared this.


    1. Reading it makes you wish for the older days! On second thought, maybe I’m glad for these days and the relationship I get to have with her. Thanks for your comment.


  2. lbeth1950 says:

    This was so poignant. Loved seeing her as an old lady and a giddy girl.


    1. Thanks. It is so for me, too.


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