The Second Week of 1935

She continues to work on her theme which has no title and goes to a group meeting for something called the Falcons.  Adam says that might have something to do with exercise?  But I really don’t think so!  I smell the next research project coming up!  She feels she got no chance at auditions for the play.  I may never read about my grandmother having the  experience of being in the theatre!  Well, I’ll hold out hope.  WBZ, the “character” with only initials has to shake hands with her in auditions.  She says: “I’d rather like to be his girl.”  The umbrella saga begins between her and her mother.  She said she left it at school but really she knows she lost it.  Then two days later she admits she lost it and her mother is a “good sport” about it.  She ends that day’s entry with: “I admire her.”  She doesn’t wait for Caveman after school one day and it’s obvious she doesn’t like him but why is still a mystery!  On Sunday she sees two movies and her mother is angry with her.  After all, it was a school night!

The intrigue is entertaining.  Why does she spend so much time with Drobey – “Caveman” – when she’s clearly so mad at him?  How will her theme turn out in the end?  Will anything ever happen with WBZ?  The most beautiful thing about this week is reading about her mother.  Babu talks non stop about her and her father.  She loved her parents very much and cared for both of them at home until they passed at 94 and 96.  To see her looking at her parents through the eyes of an adolescent is quite the pleasant mind bend!


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