The Poli

Babu always complains about her memory and brain capacity these days.  I will never understand until I am much older but I sympathize.  “Never get old.”  Babu’s mother always told her that and now she tells it to me.  However, this  woman is amazing for 97!  She remembers so many details as we go through these journals.  I hope to use this against her when she gets down on herself.  The Poli Theater caught my attention because movie theaters are – or at least they used to be- such grand places.  They reek of history to me.  Adam looked it up and found it in CT but Babu insisted this theater was closer, in Springfield, she kept thinking.  Well I looked it up again and she is right.  That makes sense to me considering she went to the movies on a school night!  Of course she wasn’t driving down to CT for that.  Not in 1935!  There were several Poli Theaters and this was the Loew’s Poli Theater.

I found this information on the website  I found this image and this information on the site and I have also included the link.


Loew’s Poli Theatre was Springfield’s premiere first run showcase for MGM films from the mid-1920’s until the mid-1960’s. It also had full stage capabilities and a “Grand Organ.”

In the mid-1960’s the theater was leased to C. & F. Theatres and remained in operation for only a few more years, closing around 1967.

I went down Worthington Street on my way home from work today and I am confused.  I stood like an idiot on the sidewalk comparing the picture on my phone to the building in front of me.  The windows in this picture are square and I was looking at curved windows.  We have very old beautiful buildings in this city so it’s possible the Poli building could still be standing.  Even if it was demolished and new buildings built, these buildings don’t look old enough.  I believe the address given to me on the website might be a little off and it was unclear if this building has been demolished anyway.  I plan to do more research.


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  1. donna says:

    did a little research . The Poli is gone. Bummer.


  2. animar64 says:

    There aren’t enough story tellers in the world- I am glad you’re one of them!


    1. Wow. Thank you very much.


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