Throw Back Thursday: Stanley Midura

I recently had a wonderful favor done for me.  It wasn’t something I asked for but it came out of the blue and was a lovely surprise.  The lovely blogger The Rescued Photo has been reading through the blog, from the beginning, which first of all warms my heart.  Let me be very clear: as a writer it means a lot and as someone who loves Babu and telling her story, it means a lot.  Well, this person is clearly a researching fact finding genius!  The blog is wonderful.  Check it out!

So here is the Throw Back Thursday part, a rather sad former post:

Dedicated to Stanley Midura

It’s a moving early post about Babu remarking, then and now, on the death of a fellow high school student.

The Rescued Photo just the other day commented this:

I researched Stanley. His father, Peter, an immigrant from Poland, worked in the Cotton Mills. The family lived on Ellerton Street and that is where Stanley’s funeral was held, on April 18, 1935. I couldn’t find anything about how he died. In September of that year, in the Springfield Republican, Stanley was listed on the Chicopee High School Honor Roll for the Class of 1936. Sadly, I discovered that Stanley’s older brother, John, died just two years before Stanley. The family is buried in the Saint Stanislaus Cemetery in Chicopee.

I can’t believe this “ask and you shall receive moment.”  I lamented in the post about how I would never know more about this boy who died so young, and here it is.

Hold on, I gotta go find my socks and put them back on!

Thank you, The Rescued Photo!


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  1. How wonderful that someone was prepared to go and do the research and add a little more to the story. It is very sad that both boys died so young though isn’t it?

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    1. Yes! I was very pleasantly surprised that that was done! It was very sad.

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  2. I have been so disciplined not to “peek” ahead, as I want to experience Babu’s story in order. But, I was viewing the blogs I follow in my reader this morning and unintentionally caught sight of this post. I’m glad I did. I can’t explain it, but Stanley’s death evoked a lot of emotions and I was driven to find out what happened to him. In the end, although his cause of death is still a mystery, I feel like Stanley would have liked the small bits I did dig up and maybe they are more important anyway. Thank you for sharing what I found, and thank you for the mention!

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    1. Thank you so much for doing that research! His story clearly hit me as well. There’s more on his story coming!


    1. Also thanks for introducing us to The Rescued Photo…love it!

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      1. Hey, I gotta share that awesomeness!


  3. this is wonderful! What a nice thing.

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    1. Yes. It was so wonderful that The Rescued Photo did that.

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