Retro Wednesday: The Great New England Airshow: Part Two

Wednesday came around again and I decided I just wasn’t done writing about this.  Before you begin this post, refresh your memory about last week’s post, if you wish.

Retro Wednesday: The Great New England Airshow

Also, please check out last Thursday’s post as well where I explain the picture of Babu and Ernie by the plane.

Throw Back Thursday: Planes

First of all, I figured I’d provide you with some more information about The Great New England Airshow – the NOT retro part of this post.  Here is the official site for the airshow:

The Great New England Airshow

And here is the article the local newspaper printed last week.  It goes into all the things I missed while standing in my back yard.  But who cares?!  What I was able to see from the comfort of my own home was amazing.



Here is another video from that weekend.



As I have begun to mention, Jake is in love with flying.  At this point in 1940, I’m not sure he’s ever done it, but he is in love with the idea of it.  I’m telling this story out of order.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  But this darn airshow forced the issue a little sooner.  During 1940, Jake is trying his hardest to get into the “Air Cadets,”  He will spend the rest of his life flying.  Reading about them going to airshows in 1940 simply makes me think of this time in his life when his dream was blossoming and he decided he had to be out of his office, out of any office, and into the air.  It’s a spectacular dream.  As exciting to me as wanting to fly is his aversion to a normal desk job life.  I admire it.  I am inspired by it.  These pictures are too soon.  SPOILER ALERT but I must post some Jakey by planes pictures.




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  1. I absolutely ❤ Babu's old photos. You are soooooo lucky to have them and her diaries to share with the world. Guess that makes me a nostalgia lover too. Looking forward to more…

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    1. Thank you! And YES! I know I am so lucky!!

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  2. I am looking forward to hearing how Jake finally gets into the airforce.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me, too! It’s nice when some of this is surprise to me as well. I know it happens but I don’t know how.

      Liked by 1 person

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