Retro Wednesday: Trolleys Part Two

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There were the times she had to wait for the trolley (and faced repercussions,)

Friday, January 22nd, 1937

We lost our game with the Juniors 30 to 28 but it was a pretty good game.  After school we had a practice then I bought a tan sport hat and we went to Ernie’s and had supper.  Got to school and dressed in our uniforms (we looked pretty good) and the boys cheered.  Had dancing afterwards and missed one number.  Then we had to wait almost an hour for our trolley.  Finally got home and in the house thru the window.  Dad was in my room sleeping and the door was locked.

times she was running for the trolley,

Wednesday, February 9th, 1938

Made Franny and Ernie run for the trolley this morning.  I seldom walk for a trolley.  Didn’t go to cooking school.  Stayed at home, practiced, and cleaned shoes.  Still going late to bed.

there were times she made it right on time:

Friday, January 8th, 1937

What a fog there is out tonight!  You can’t see two feet ahead.  Our faculty gave a New Year’s party tonight.  They also presented a play and it was well done except the ending wasn’t very evident.  The curtains kept sliding up and back.  Dancing ensued.  I had every number.  Pavloghi is back in circulation.  The two numbers he didn’t have with his girlfriend he had with Ernie and me.  Danced twice with Robert Bean.  Got the 11:45 trolley.  Was I happy.

and times she didn’t take the trolley at all.

Friday, May 6th, 1938

And another Bay Path memory!  Ernie and I went to the May Country Dance there.  Danced practically all evening with Mr. Brendel and Freddy Gagne.  Then they asked us to go to Wayside but Ernie was expecting a call so we didn’t.  Started for the trolley and Howard Miller (best dancer at BPI) took me to the Cadillac Cafe.  A BPI bunch was there.  Had a grand time.  Asked me to go to the dance next Friday.  Going to call me Monday night.

Springfield Horse Car to Chicopee-XL

This next passage pleased me because I know the church is very important to Babu so knowing the trolleys respected tradition probably made her very happy.

Friday, April 15th, 1938

Good Friday is becoming more observed every year.  Especially the hours from 12 to 3.  The trolleys in the city all stopped for one minute! Jaime sent me a card.  After church I walked down to the 5 + 10.  Saw Johnny Krol.  Waited for the girls.  Even saw their “lounge.”  Met Eddie and Johnny.  They were coming from church.  (Stood at the tomb.)

There are so many passages about her taking the trolley to the movies that I can’t help but imagine what anticipation she felt heading to a show and what silver screen actors danced through her imagination on the way home sitting on one of those trolley seats.

Thursday, September 15th, 1938

It rained most of the day and evening.  Eddie, Zosh, Johnny and I took the trolley in the pouring rain and saw “Boy’s Town” and “ Rich Man Poor Girl.”  Sophie got a job in the slip shop today and Mom also worked half a day at Asinof’s cause Evelyn got sick.  Stella Majewicz is expecting.

Holyoke Trolley Rd Mt Tom

It always seemed to be a thrill when she got a ride instead of having to take the trolley.  And sometimes she didn’t give them much love:

Friday, April 29th, 1938
Those d— trolleys didn’t run on schedule but I got a ride from two boys.  Johnny Krol and her girlfriend went along to keep company.  Got to Bay Path before “Growing Pains” started.  It was good and the set was beautiful.  However, the atmosphere is changed, now that others have taken our places.  Bought a London picture hat today.

Yet, they had a romance of their own.  She met people or was pleased to see them on the same car as her, she took the trolleys to adventures, they were a means of gauging friendships:

Monday, January 30th, 1939

 Johnny Lech is still my friend.  Rode on the trolley with me this morning.  

and they kept her, mostly, out of the rain.

Monday, March 4th, 1940

What weather.  Trolleys, car, etc., held up because of snow, ice, rain, etc.  Tonight I didn’t get home ’till nearly seven o’clock.  The girls in the office, I think, resent the fact that I had a day off Saturday, but I had no idea of it.  

I read a bit of research on trolleys, also known as streetcars, and ran into this quote on

The possession of a streetcar line became essential for a growing town or small city, and the larger city streetcar systems extended their lines farther and farther out into the suburbs.

It only goes to further show the importance of this bit of history.trol.jpg


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