Our Fourth Comes Early

It’s that time of year again: summer and Independence Day!

The Chicopee fireworks are always one of the first scheduled in our area.  June usually has not even ended yet before we get ready for the light show.  And we are the luckiest ducks.


Yes, that is my beautiful sister and my beyond cute niece watching the fireworks.  And yes, that is my back porch.  :)!  Here is our view and we barely have to even leave the house:

And yes, we were listening to the fireworks to the dulcet and patriotic tones of AC/DC!  😉

Of course, with a back yard with full view of the fireworks, of course we host a party every year.  It isn’t always easy hosting a party with all the prep and managing of crowd chaos:

fw 6
This is chaos I could get used to!

and also keeping our eyes on the prize – Babu, of course – but it’s worth it.  Talk about a break from the routine and the lovely memories that are made.  She greatly enjoyed seeing her grandkids and great grand kids.  I’ll also assume those great grand kids had a fun time, too!

At one point we did the math and we think the kids at the party may have out numbered the adults, and I’m pretty sure they all had a great time.



And we can’t lie, we all had a great time watching them and playing with them.  Just before the fireworks start we plop Babu on the porch, some people lay out on blankets, some people climb to the garage roof, and we settle in for the sounds of cracking firework explosions, car alarms, and babies crying.  Never mind all that, the whole sky right in front of our faces lights up with flashes and colors and by the time the insane onslaught of the grand finale begin, my adrenaline is mildly flowing and not a single one of us has any words.

Babu had some words at the start, however.  The first loud one exploded and I caught her surprise in a selfie.  (They are dark and hard to see, I know.)  I also have her hand waving around as she shook her finger to the sky and yelled “Shame, shame!” at the fireworks.

One of my favorite parts of the night was Babu in her new bling.

She loved the glow bracelets and wanted to keep them on all night.  I told her I was worried she might wake up in the night for her trips to the bathroom and be weireded out by her glowing hands.  She pish pawed me.  I asked her:  “Do you think you’ll get scared?” and she said: “Sure!”  I will never forget the glowing rings shining up through the sheet she covered herself with as she fell quickly asleep.


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