Back to June, 1939

Guess what?!?!  I also missed a bunch of images that go along with June, 1939 so I cannot help but to splatter those up here as well in tandem with their text.  (Man I love when the diary entry and the images collide!)

Sunday, June 4th, 1939

It broke today raining and we almost didn’t go on our picnic.  But decided to and the day turned out beautiful.  Billy and I went together and Jake and Yvette together and we missed each other.  We were at Sweetheart lake in Conn.  About 9:30 Jakey and I went to his house and tried out his couch.  It’s heavenly only I hope the neighbors weren’t looking.  It’s getting to be dangerous now.  Hope we never weaken.

june 4 1939june 4 1939 bjune 4 1939 6june 4 1939 2june 4 1939 1june 4 1939 1 b

What a fun day!  Can we talk about the pig pile picture?  Can you spot Babu?

Update:  When I first looked at the “pig pile” picture I assumed Babu would be that girl, hair in her face, at the top of the pile.  I examined further and I don’t think that’s her.  Could she have been the one who took it?

Sunday, June 18th, 1939

The girls and I met after church and they came up for a bite of breakfast.  Nellie took a driving lesson and I went along.  We drove Eddie and Sophie to Forest Park and then rode out to see a new bungalow just put up.  Jakey and I pretended we were interested.  Got Yvette at the camp and we all went to see “It’s a Wonderful World” and “Tell no Tales.”  Ate at Dutchland.  Jakey only kissed me once – good-night.

I bet these pictures were taken before or after church:

june 18 1939 1june 18 1939 1 b

“The girls”

june 18 1939

Babu’s parents! <3!

Or, now that I think about it, these could be take at Forest Park.  It looks like these could be taken at the rose garden.

Also, these images claimed to be from this month also, although she didn’t write about taking them.


Also, Also, I have to update this post:

Feb 1940

Because I found these images from the same Nee-Wah Dinner dance!



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  1. I made it back to the future! It was a lot of fun reading all these posts, many for the second time but they make so much more sense read in the right order. I did have to skip or skim the ones that were not directly related to Babu’s diaries or I’d still be reading. I do love the old photos and and I find it fascinating that Jake seems to have proposed a couple of times and she doesn’t say how she replied or what her reasons were as it seems inevitable that she will say yes. Perhaps she just wants more time to enjoy her youth as once she takes on marriage that’s the end of work and going out every night. I don’t blame her for that.

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    1. I must say again that you letting me know you appreciate this means so much to me as a writer and as a granddaughter that finds Babu so interesting. Thank you for taking the time! About Jake proposing, I’m not sure she took him seriously except for possibly once. Then it was about having the money to do it and that may have just gave her time to stall. She definitely wasn’t sure yet. I don’t blame her either. We all end up somewhere and we all took a journey to get there! 😁


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