What is with my obsession with finding patterns?  I know life is more likely just chaos and random occurrences.  Even still, here are some trends I’ve seen transcribing 1940:

I found an interesting pattern with the Nee-Wahs:

Tuesday, February 13th, 1940

I wondered tonight if the Nee-Wahs were going to break up.  We discussed the formal and found we had a deficit of over $30.  The girls felt Rita Tetreault, chairman, spent too much money and Rita felt we didn’t work hard enough.  Billy and Jakey met us after and we ate at the moonlight.

Tuesday, June 25th, 1940

What an afternoon!  Work about 15 mins and then spent the rest of the afternoon reading, doing crossword puzzles, and talking.  The Nee-Wahs had our last meeting of the season today.  Made almost $30.00 on the formal.  Jakey and Jimmy Veale met us and we saw the fireworks at Mt. Park.  Peaches only had a dime so we drank a coke with two straws.

(So, off topic, but how cute is that?  Drinking a coke with two straws!<3!)

$30 in both instances?  Hhhuuummmm…They couldn’t have been at a deficit of 25 and made about 30?  They weren’t at a deficit of 30 and only made 20?

Do I sound a little paranoid?  Well, there has been controversy with these girls before (and yes, I dug further back.  Call it an investigation if you want):

Tuesday, November 14th, 1939

Nee-Wah meeting tonight was a rip snorter.  A lot of antagonism was occasioned about a lot of things.  

Tuesday, November 21st, 1939

Nee-Wah meting tonight was still hot.  Such controversy and undercover remarks!  During the course of the evening I developed a sore throat and left the meeting with Ernie rather hurriedly so we don’t know how it turned out.  Got to drink some honey now.

Some in-fighting is to be expected, isn’t it?  Especially when you are a part of some secret cabal you don’t even explain fully in your diary?

Tuesday, October 24th, 1939

Our Nee-Wah Halloween party was tonight and we had heaps of fun. We had supper and initiated one girl.  She was quite a mess after we got through.  Right now I just thought that I left my music down there.  I only hope some one of our girls remembers to take it with her because I can’t replace some of that music.

What mess?  And why was music needed?  Seems ominous especially considering the season.

Ok, maybe I’m seeing things were there isn’t any thing but there are other patterns even Babu observes:

Saturday, February 24th, 1940

About 4:30 every Saturday I start to feel silly and hop around doing jigs.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I noticed a pattern maintained and one broken.

Tuesday, February 14th, 1939

After work, Ernie and I went over to the YWCA.  We Nee-Wah girls were giving a shower for Joan Wnedyka, who is getting married Saturday.  We had a grand time in the blue room.  Got home almost at 12, dying to see if I got any Valentines.  Three!  But nary a one from Jakey.   Johnny Lech’s told of love, John Dudeck’s of friendship, and Ernie Depathy’s of attention.

Wednesday, February 14th, 1940

Emmy and Betty Griffin and I had supper at Betty’s apartment.  All day it snowed and blowed.  I walked down to Forbes in the storm and met Johnny Lech.  He took me to see “Gone with the Wind.”  It was very bad when we left the show at 12 so he hired a taxi to take me home.  The taxi wouldn’t go down Bonneville Ave so I walked home through knee-deep snow.  However, when I got home I found a box of candy and a valentine card from Jakey.

Johnny still knows how to show up during that mushiest of holidays but Jakey has stepped up his game.  Intially, I read and transcribed that as Johnny left the candy and the card.  Which makes no sense since he was with Babu.  I even wrote about it and criticized Jakey here:  Wrongly Accused  Val at Colouring the Past picked up on that.  You were right, Val, it wasn’t Johnny!  In fact, I could some what give the side eye to Babu.  She is the one who blew Jakey off on Valentine’s Day!

Babu again here is picking up on patterns, well, an anniversary, at least.

Wednesday, July 31st, 1940

Thank heavens it was cooler today and much easier to work.  Jakey came up about nine and we rode out and got some maps to study for our vacation trip.  We sort of decided on going down throughout Long Island and into New york and The World’s Fair.  Evidently Jakey has made up his mind that he alone is financing the trip.  That’s what he thinks.  I want to contribute, too.  Today, I think, is exactly two years since we first went out.

july 30 40

You know I checked:

Sunday, July 31st, 1938

And who do you think I went out with tonight?  Jacob Stefanik.  Zosh and I were in the store and afterwards the boy with him picked us up and went back for Jakey and we went to some place in Fairview.  Jakey is quite a boy.  Asked me to go to Forest Lake Friday and Zosh with the other boy.  But I wonder what Sophie will say when I tell her?

july 31 1938

“Quite a boy,” huh?  Oh how I ship them!

Then I wondered if she remembered on their one year anniversary:

july 31 39 excerpt

We sat on the running board of the car, eating cones and working out mathematical problems and murder cases.

Really??!!  Just amazing!  Babu clearly does see patterns the same way I do.  😉

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