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As it is probably clear to see, I have been spending a lot more time on this project and maybe what is not as clear as the posts is all the work I have been putting into the organization of the archive.  Today was especially rough.  My eyes actually hurt from looking at alllll the photos on my dropbox, selecting some to put on my desk top because that’s the only way I know how to put them into blog posts, and then praying my laptop wouldn’t crash because my desktop was flooded with pics I saved on it.  That was the next layer of organization, putting them into files on my desk top.  My Dropbox needs a severe overhaul and I can’t believe this but I actually just started wondering about the best filing system for Dropbox.  Not gonna lie, it can get a little overwhelming.

And…Welp!  I found out I missed something.  I’m sure I have missed many, many things.  Specifically, this time I am talking about what I missed in the post about July, 1939.  You can read that post here:

July, 1939

If you took a moment to read that post, then you may be wondering, are there pictures?  Well, yes!  Yes there are!  Neither Babu nor Jake would ever do something as interesting as go on vacation and not bring their camera!

Before we get to any vacation, we have July Fourth to contend with:

Tuesday, July 4th, 1939

Ruth got us up at 8:00 after creating a big rumpus.  We rode down to the horse show at Chester and stayed all day.  It was a grand show.  Ruth had “Smokey” entered in the maiden class.  The sun was boiling hot all day and we all have a severe burn.  Got started for home at 8:00 but didn’t get home until 11:45 because of the holiday traffic.

It sounds like a bit of a bummer day, especially when you read about the aftermath:

Wednesday, July 5th, 1939

It was hard getting up this morning but harder trying to stay awake.  Ernie’s face is swollen up rather badly.  She got the worst burn of us all.  Took a bath tonight and am getting to bed around nine.  Do me a lot of good.

Ouch!  But the pictures tell a different story:

july 4 1939 2july 4 1939 2 bjuly 4 1939 5july 4 1939 5 bjuly 4 1939july 4 1939 b

The first picture is Babu and Jake, the second Ernie and Jeb, and the last Ernie and possibly either Patches or Dan.  They look adorable and like they are having great fun, although I think I can already see the burn on Ernie’s face.

Here is an image clearly taken in Vermont, of Ernie’s sister, but there is not an exact day recorded.

july 1939july 1939 b

The back says: “July, 1939 Grafton Vt Lorne Farm Stables Ruth Jones and Windy and Peterkins”

Do you remember Windy?  (I do, I never forget a dog!)

windy 38 1windy 38 1 bwindy 38windy 38 b

There are more New England adventures to see this month!

Friday, July 21st, 1939

Spent about two hours trying to get up this morning.  We went over to Jake’s room across the hall and bothered him.  He mentioned once that he was going to be a physical wreak and I knew just what he meant.  We went to a steak roast at Penny Carpenter’s and to a dance.  We left early, and ended up late in Ernie’s yard.  Jakey and I stayed in the car and talked a lot.  He asked me to marry him.  He also told me some things I never thought of him, but they don’t bother me too much as long as he never goes again.

They are visiting Ernie in Vermont and although she doesn’t mention going to Stewart’s mill in this passage, clearly, she does.

july 21 1930july 21 1939 2 bjuly 21 1939 2july 21 1939

The middle image is captivating:

july 21 1939 2

This is where I can picture he is asking her to marry him and confessing to something.  It must be to some where he shouldn’t go as Babu writes:  “He also told me some things I never thought of him, but they don’t bother me too much as long as he never goes again.”

Saturday, July 22nd, 1939

We didn’t get started until 2:00 (the four of us in the caddy) and got to Lake Sunapee.  Went canoeing then left and rode through NH where we stopped to eat around 11:30.  Got to Maine around 1 and got some cabins.  For a while Jakey and I stayed in one and Ernie and Jeb in another.  I hope all of this tension and strain does not affect Jakey too badly.

We know what kind of tension and strain she is talking about, and it’s not from all the rowing he had to do!

july 22 1930 1july 22 1939 1 bjuly 22 1939 2july 22 1939 3july 22 1939 4july 22 1939 5july 22 1939

Jeb is the only one is these pictures who looks like he’s not having fun.  I hope Ernie does not stay with him.  Sorry, Not Sorry!

Sunday, July 23rd, 1939

Got up around nine and bombarded the boy’s cabin till they woke up.  Old Orchard Beach was not far away and we stayed there for breakfast and sight seeing.  After we left we just rode and rode up through Portland and a little farther.  Started back and we stopped for supper when we treated the boys to a meal.  Reached Grafton at 10:00 and it took Ernie time to pack.  While Ernie slept in the back Jakey and I watched the road.  The moon was shining very brightly and I tried to sing.  Didn’t take very long to get home.  Got to our house around 1:15. Still like Jakey to kiss me good-night.

july 23 1939 1july 23 1939 1 bjuly 23 1939

Sigh!  What a beautiful adventure!


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  1. luvsclassics says:

    I just love your retelling of your ancestor’s story and all of the 1939 year photos….I shall focus on writing and posting something about my relatives soon.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much and I would love to read about your family stories!


  2. I’m an old photo lover too. And I’m visiting a friend near Lake Sunapee at this very moment. How weird. Be well. Hugs to Babu!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Jeb looks older than the others. Do you suppose he was? I can imagine what a massive task sorting these photos is. So you scan them, send them to Dropbox and then download the ones you want so you can upload them to WordPress, is that right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure. I had the feeling he was the same age, (and that Babu didn’t like him much!). The photos and whole project are certainly a labor of love! I do all you said except I take a photo on my phone. It’s easier not at all sure it’s better.


      1. If it means you get it done it’s better. I have boxes of prints and slides my husband and I took and scanning is such a slow way to do it. As long as you have copies of the originals in two places that’s the main thing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. FYI, you probably already know this but you can can a few small pics at once and split them up after they are scanned. Doubbles your efforts.

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