April A-Z: Alligator and a Crocodile

All year I looked forward to the April A-Z.  Now it is here and right smack away I am 6 days late.  It has been a very hectic time for me and my entire wardrobe has been wool suits.  (To know what the means, click here: The wool Suit.)

So of course I decided better late than never and here is my April A-Z for A.



We have our rituals.  In the morning when I leave it’s: “I’ll be back!”  All the other times in the day it’s:  “See you later…Alligator!”  Sometimes she shouts it with me, some times she forgets what comes next.  Sometimes, and it’s my favorite, she slowly, with a side eye and sly excitement replies:  “After a while, crocodile!”

But never at night.  At night I follow the routine for bed.  “Dobra Notz”  To which, lately, she does not reply.  I brush by it.  “Spee Dobje!”  Then she catches on and replies back to me.  Now I wonder if I ever will sleep well again without her telling me to.  Then “Ja Che Koham!”  (This is not the “proper Polish.”)

I’m blessed.  Of course I’m blessed!  So many reptiles and replies, so many chances to say goodbye, and I love you.


This post sounds bittersweet, but I promise, it’s mostly sweet

Also, here is last year’s post for A.  So fun to look back at what I wrote a year, or more, ago!

Apricots, Teenaged Angst, and Age


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  1. Liam says:

    Welcome to the A to Z!

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    1. I’m very late, but I’m here! Thanks for the warm welcome!

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