April A-Z: December, 1939: Everyone Stopped by!

Wednesday, December 6th, 1939

Tonight at 6:15 Jakey rang the doorbell.  He leaned against some paint and I had to clean his pants.  Then Edmund came, asking if Jakey lived here.  Next came Filo.  Billy turned up last of all.  We discussed things and when Dad came home from work, they left to bowl.

I wonder how things like this, everyone appearing at one time at the same place, happened before cell phones!  It’s a Wednesday night but they all know where to find Jakey.  Well, December is like that.  The holidays are here and the house is full on several occasions, with the same crowd, with different crowds.  Much celebration is happening and even though I am on April vacation right now, reading and transcribing the passages for this month made me feel excited for the holidays.  This passage really got me:

Thursday, December 21st, 1939

 Washed my hair and then spent over two hours wrapping Christmas gifts.

Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite things to do on the holidays.  So, why is it I nostalgically long for the holidays in April while reading December, 1939, and struggle through them while they are here?

Well, here is possibly an answer:  A few more passages of the company and frolics of this month:

Saturday, December 23rd, 1939

John Dudek was here and referred to the way I’ve been treating him.  We had Vigilia all alone tonight but it was grand.  We ate rather late and Nellie and Jakey waited for me to go to Hadley with them.  We went and then came back to Forrest Park to see the manger, etc.  Jakey bought some cake and chips and we came home.  He gave me his gift and I mine and my Mommy and Daddy, too.  We had such fun opening them.  I got a radio from Jakey and we stayed up until 2:30 listening to it.


dec 24 39

  Sunday, December 24th, 1939

After High Mass, we went to Zosh’s and she and Nat and I came home and unwrapped out gifts.  Aunt Nellie and Uncle and Mary and John Dudek were here.  Then Aunt and Uncle from Holyoke came.  The choir sang for rosary hour.  Then Zosh, Nat, Stretch, and Eddie came up again.  Jakey was there and my grandmother and Alice and Jimmy.  Our crowd left for Eddie’s house and we stayed until almost three beside the tree and fireplace.  Missed Midnight Mass and went riding.  Got home at almost four.

Monday, December 25th, 1939

It was hard to get up for High Mass and after it I went right to bed and didn’t get up until 2:30.  The it was time to sing again.  This time at the City Hall over the radio.  Jakey and I went to the show alone to see “Four Winds” and “The Big Guy.”  We went riding for a long while and then came to his house where we stayed with Nellie and Darlene till half-past one.

How exhausting!  And what, like I always say,was the price to pay for all of this?

Tuesday, December 26th, 1939

Peaches took me to work this morning.  Was very lax in the office today.  Worked or tried to work but was sleepy and the rest of us didn’t feel too well after the holidays so we took it easy.  Skating is good but I stayed in tonight and am going to bed early.



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