November, 1939: Consolation and Choir

It’s just things like this that show, as much as Babu has changed since 1934, she’s still the same witty girl.

Eddie Zimba, Emily Pesternak, Jakey and I tried to find an open bowling alley but all evening was spent in naught cause they were all full.  We consoled ourselves with ice cream.

I wonder, do you find her small quips as entertaining as I do?

She may again join the ranks of the thespians in another one of Frank Janik’s plays.  I hope she does.  Soon enough she will be married and these days of play will be over.

Babu’s mother has an abscess in her ear and is not doing well.  From all the times her mother is ill it surprises me that she lived to be 96!  I tell you, this family won the genetic lottery!

Yet another quip that made me chuckle:

Sang with the choir today and did no praying cause we talked and sang all the time.

I guess I just think she’s funny.


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