New Year’s Eve Vintage Photos: 19…?

It was very rare for Babu to not have marked this pack of her pictures with detailed and precise information.  Maybe these were Jake’s pictures and not hers?  Whatever the case, I don’t need to be told what day this is as this is clearly a New Year’s celebration.  But what year??

I don’t know what this procession is for, but do you see the banner in the back?  That’s Babu and Jake!
I don’t know what’s with the hats.  Just go with it.
Table 4 got photo bombed!
Striking couple!  I don’t know who they are.  Maybe that’s Ernie?
I love whatever it is that’s going on in the back of this picture.
How’d they get everyone to pose so nice in this one?  (Almost.)
Wow, they really trashed this place!
Is that a sword?!
Hmm, if only there were a few bottles at this table…

I’m thinking that this date may have been more than a New Year’s celebration.  If it is what I think it is, it might have also been their wedding reception.  They got married the day after Christmas, so it might be so.  It’s still entirely exciting that I will, probably with in a few years of where I am now, read about this day in her diary and then I will know all I need to know about these pictures.

Happy New Year, everyone.  Please be safe.  No playing with sabers tonight, please.  Have a good time but, clearly, do not party as hard as these people did!

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