April, 1939: Hitler and UFOs!

Yes, you read that title correctly.  And I am so excited for this passage for two reasons:

  1.  I hate talking about Hitler, especially in today’s climate (I THOUGHT MAYBE WE WERE MOSTLY PAST THIS!)  but I love when history explodes out of the pages of these 80 year old books.  It’s like, I know a little but about a far past world that I was from from being born into and then I read it in her diaries and it is like it becomes real for me.  I also loved what she had to say about him.
  2.   You might be thinking – UFOs?  This girl has clearly watched too many episodes of the X-Files.  You would be incorrect.  All of them.  I have watched every episode and seen the movies also.  Where you are incorrect is this:  You meant I seen the episodes too many times.  But I would still disagree.


But first, Hitler.

In April, 1939 she writes:

Hitler is 50 years old today and I know a lot of people wish he were dead.

Babu has always had a succinctness to her.  She sounds like she doesn’t know much about him but, unfortunately, she is going to learn a lot more as the next decade rolls out.


The next piece, the UFOs, might connect more to the previous topic then one would imagine.  If I stop posting and you never hear from this blog again, please know that it is because this theory is actually correct and the government has whisked me away for telling it’s secrets!


Babu writes:

Jake and I and Billy and Yvette rode over to the “Chateau Harmony.” Jimmy and Fabby joined us. We ate, drank, and danced. Left Jimmy and Fabby and took the others home. Went to meet Jim and Fabby at 12:45 at “Lupid’s” in Brightwood. Wasted some time parking and then met them. We left first and got home about 2:45. Sat in our backyard watching weird flashes in the sky.

(YES!  Babu just mentioned parking with Jake.  Hahahah!)

All right, so down to this UFO stuff.  Weird flashes in the sky, huh?  She knows what lightning is, so it wasn’t that.  Swamp gas?  I live in the house she is writing in in 1939.  There are no swamps.  I would think it was something that Adam and I call “Thunder Snow” but this is April and there is no snow.

So, we are left with aliens.  Obviously, that’s your go to when talking about strange lights in the sky.  OK< I’ll allow for one alternate theory.  Anyone?

Military testing?  Right before the start of WWII?  Right near an Airforce Base?  Sounds possible to me.


I googled, just to make sure there wasn’t declassified information out there.  There still might be.  They can’t possibly come to get me in my sleep tonight for information that’s is about 80 years old, can they?!?!

…can they?


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  1. As long ago as it was, and however brief the appearance, it is still chilling to see Der Fuhrer make a “live” appearance in someone’s memoirs. Some evil never does die. 50, wow. I had no notion that he was already about my age now, in 1939.

    The lights in the sky were UFOs. I Googled it. I am sticking to that story no matter what. But you are safe, because the existence of UFOs in that area at that time is common knowledge now. I made that up, too, but now it’s true.

    Tell Babu how much we all enjoy the stories of her life!

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    1. hahahahahah. I did not know you were such an important man. And yea, I was surprised he was already that age at that time.
      Thank you so much for your responses. They mean a lot!

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  2. Veeeery interesting on both counts…can’t wait to hear more.

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    1. I know she’ll be impacted, of course, by WWII greatly, so I can’t imagine Hitler the big bad himself does appear again, but I doubt I’ll every know the truth about these lights.


  3. Interesting, how you came up with this! Very plausible…

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    1. Haha, thank you. I agree.


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