Sunday Share: Voices of Ancestors

Voices of Ancestors has an amazing blog similar to mine.  She has something my blog doesn’t have, however.  Her information goes generations back.  It’s amazing to read.  Humbling really.  Sherry E. Rier wrote a Memorial Day Post, (I did not, shame on me) and it is very bittersweet.  Please check out this wonderful blog.

Memorial Day 2017-Thank You Dad and All veterans for Your Service

Dad Received West Point Assignment as Flight Instructor. 1942.

He sent a telegram to my mother, Louise Johnson, announcing his new assignment. They would soon marry and reside at West Point. Dad had undergone basic flight training at Goodfellow Field in San Angelo, Texas, at Parks Air College and was preparing to take his place in the newly expanded US Army Air Corp as a flying second lieutenant.


West Point, Stewart Field, Newburgh, NY. Tent city. Planes, planes, planes. Power glides  for instrument landing and legal hedge hopping. A Beechcraft factory churns out planes for World War II.

By June of 1944, West Point had trained hundred of pilots, including the son of Dwight D Eisenhower, supreme commander of Allied Forces in Europe and the sons of other Army Generals.


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