October, 1938

One of my favorite months.  My favorite season, my favorite flavors, and my favorite holiday.

I wouldn’t be thinking about autumn if it weren’t for chronology.  It simply was the newest month I needed to transcribe and write about.  In now life, spring is beginning to wrap up and summer is on its way.  And I love summer, aka the ocean.  That’s one of the best things about fall.  It comes after two other great seasons and there is the feeling that there is still more wonderful things to enjoy, sweater weather, everything orange, leaves…

Oh, hello!  I forgot I have a job to do here.

In 1938, the month starts of slowly for Babu.  The most exciting things happening are shopping trip for material for a “campus suit,” whatever that is, and National Letter Writing Week.  What a wonderful sounding week!  Does it still exist?  (Hint, check in tomorrow.  I found some adorable research.)  So, of course, Babu spends some time writing letters.

At the beginning of the month she is still not sure how Jakey feels but by the end of the month, wait for it…

Babu has a spiritual moment in church.

After lessons and supper, I went to confession.  Some young priest listened and spoke mostly in English.  When I left he said “God bless you” and I have never been struck so much by these words.  Back at my seat tears rolled down my cheeks.

It’s good to read this after the discussion she and I had about her feeling there was probably nothing after death.  More about this discussion upcoming.

Depathy is still around and interested and Ernie gets a marriage proposal from someone named “Waterman.”  Babu never tells Ernie’s answer but I guess the negative response was a given.  For the rest of the month Ernie is going on dates with someone named Billy.  They are smitten with each other.

Nee Wah meetings continue with some tension, a little bit of drama, and confusion.

We had fun going up on the train except Helen Starzyk spoiled it with her cracks about the .75 cent Halloween luncheon.

The confusion is only on my part.  I haven’t been able to figure out what the point of this club is.  When she was a part of the Falcons, physical fitness was clearly the purpose and the drive behind the club.  Are the Nee Wahs a political group?  They meet in the Mayor’s office often but all they seem to do is watch films or see pictures or listen to someone talk about European travel.  So are they are travel club?  They go on day and week end trips. I might have read somewhere in her pages that they are a buisness club but I cannot remember.  I couldn’t find anything through an internet search either.  They also do initiations into the club with parties.  Ernie and Babu have gotten in, but Nat and Zosh do not.  So then, what are the requirements for membership?

Am chairman of the Halloween Initiation party.  Zosh and Nat were not voted into the club.  I guess the girls didn’t know them very well.

Well, that’s kinda crummy!  I hate exclusive clubs like these.  (And yes.  The reason is because I never get chosen.)

So what do they do?  What’s the point of it?  This is the best Babu could explain it:

Nee Wah meeting tonight and we discussed many things as usual.

Although the beginning of the month is slow, she has great times with her friends.  She laughs in bed over hiccups that wont stop, she goes to dances, and hunts for garnets in Grafton.

Can I just stop right here and share this quote with you?  It’s about Johnny:

Looked rakish in a raincoat and hat.

What?!  I did a double take and then back flips!  I love it.  Who actually uses the word “rakish” and how does someone look that way when wearing a raincoat, of all things?  Must have been some raincoat or some hat.

Babu, Jakey, Ernie and Billy go out the Saturday before Halloween.  They have a wonderful time.  I will share the whole passage in an upcoming post.  It seems, for now at least, that she knows how they feel about each other.

Spoke to Jake at the store for a while.  It’s grand to feel this way about him.



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  1. A rakish man in raincoat and hat–sounds very Bogey, as in Humphrey Bogart! Do you guys ever watch old movies of the era together? I used to love doing that with my Mom. And listening to her music too. They had good taste in those days.

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    1. Not with babu I should but with my husband. I love bogey!

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