Excerpts, September, 1938, Grafton Vermont

She has such a good time when she is in Vermont with Ernie.  This summer, Babu visits at the end of August through the beginning of September for almost two weeks.  She writes about her hesitation to leave and her relief to be home, but in the middle there certainly is a lot of fun.  (I think she wanted to be home because of Jakey.  That’s just a theory.)

aug 31

Thursday, September 1st, 1938
Spent a glorious day riding horseback up to the mill.  Patches was afraid of the saw and kept turning round and round with me sitting side saddle.  We cooked steak at the CCC camp and rode back with Jeb.  Rodger Wilson and I rode the tandem hell bent for nowhere.

Sounds like a glorious day, indeed!  And so is this image:

bikebike b

Hell bent, and in a bathing suit?!  These are wild times.


Some of this next passage was difficult to read and I left out the image because the picture wasn’t taken well.  I missed a few details, like the name of the ragtime band exactly, but still seems like a wonderful time nonetheless.

Sunday, September 4th, 1938
Lee, Rodger, Frank, Ernie, Ruth, Bill, and I drove over to Pierce Mountain and cooked dinner there.  All of us kids rode up and back in back of the Plymouth.  Oh what fun.  Don’t know how we ever got invited out.  Lee took me to see a ragtime band, also Frank and Jeb and Ernie.  Brought the kids home and Frank and I and Jeb and Ernie drove over to his house.  He couldn’t go to the Dawn Dance I guess so we drove up at break neck speed.  They’re still out in the car (2:30) and Frank and I have eaten and jabbered away.


A send off to remember:

sept 4

Monday, September 5th, 1938
Ernie got in sometime after 4 and is afraid she won’t see Jeb for a long time.  Her Uncle Jack and Aunt Lina took us back to Springfield.  It was the end of their vacation, too.  Frank Jones kissed me when we said goodbye.  Right in the yard in front of everybody.  It seems good to be home.

Well!  I guess he had to take his chance when he had it!




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  1. I love old photos and letters – and you have a journal, even better! So sweet that you aren’t letting these memories be forgotten

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    1. Thank you and also for stopping by.

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