The Moon: Excerpts, August, 1938

Photo taken circa 2017 by A. Marotte

aug 1

Monday, August 1st, 1938
Alice and Jimmy took us mushroom picking up by Ashley Pond where we kids go to watch the moon over the mountain.  We got bit up and scratched up and I got a handful of berries and a couple of mushroom and a spray of flowers.  Wrote a letter to Benny but didn’t know whether to send it or not.  Contains an invitation to drop in if he’s around.

When I read this with Babu she exclaimed, “Gosh, I don’t remember that!”  The way in which she said it however, led me to believe she would have liked to.  The next best thing is getting to relive it through the pages.

aug 3
Peep the comment about milk at the bottom.  Lime??

Thursday, August 4th, 1938
Finally went out with Johnny Lech tonight.  The whole crowd of us “seven” went to Clayton’s beach at Hampden Ponds swimming.    We swam till ten o’clock.  Even dove off the board.  We had a glorious time.  The moon and stars were out.  Frankie had a motorboat.  For our way home we stopped at the “Handle” or “Algonquin” and had ice cream and watched moving pictures.

How romantic!  Babu thinks they must have had nice boyfriends after reading this passage.

aug 5.jpeg

Friday, August 5th, 1938
Jaky and I didn’t go alone to Forest Lake.  We picked up Bille Veale and Jeanette St. John.   On the way the fan belt gave way and we had to get a new one.  Also lost our way but got there finally.  Somewhere around Palmer.  Not a bad place at all.  He dances fair.  What a moon there was last night!  Jaky tried awfully hard and can he get into some queer positions!  He got there a lot of times but couldn’t stay there so the score was still zero, he said. He isn’t bad at all.

Haha!  I don’t know what half of this passage was about!  Was there a dance contest?  Well, there was a moon, that’s all we need to know.

aug 9

Tuesday, August 9th, 1938
Nat is going to Meriden over Labor Day weekend.  Lucky girl!  We went down to the WPA Social tonight and me without stockings.  I danced three numbers.  Haven’t seen Jaky to talk to so I guess we don’t go horseback riding.  No chance to see him cause I don’t go to the store.  Zosh and Eddie were romancing last night.  Gosh what a moon to waste.

Advice from Babu: never waste a moon.

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  1. “Never waste a moon”…wise words to live by ❤

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    1. I learn the most important things from her every day.

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