Writing Wednesdays: A Poem

I go back and forth about not titling a poem.  Is it just lazy?  An attempt to be cool?  Mostly it’s a missed opportunity.  And yet, if the poem seems to be asking to remain untitled, don’t I have to listen?

la p

Pelicans circle in flocks over the beach
Attempting the grace of hawks on the wind
Wandering jew, purple and green
Attempt reaches outside of of their manicured square frame

A sleek black snake
A denizen of the sewer?
Leaks back for cover
Under the gaze of a jumpy hotel employee
Cement mountains rise in front of the ocean view
A perfect home for nesting bats.
They make me put my shoes on
In the hotel restaurant.

I feel the need to explain “I’m no poet.”  An excuse, an apology, for a bad poem.  The truth is, I do not identify as a poet, but I do write poems.


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  1. This was brilliant ! You write beautifully indeed.

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    1. That is very sweet thank you very much!

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      1. My pleasure 😊


  2. I have two reasons for giving poems titles – being able to find them on my computer and posting them online. Before the days of t’interwebs, when all my poetry lived in notebooks, nothing ever had titles.

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    1. I love to add some twist or meaning with the titles but they don’t all need one!


  3. There is no such thing as a bad poem if it is written with sincerity. And your poem was quite good!

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    1. Awwww shucks! Thank you.


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