What I learned from the April A to Z Challenge

If I don’t write it out, I wont know it.  That’s not something I learned from this challenge.  That’s something I learned either from writing or from my life.  After anything worthy I like to write a reflection because if I learned something from an activity, I might not have really learned it unless I verbalize it.  My verbalizing is writing.

The A to Z Challenge broke me out of my month summary, month excerpt, Sunday Share, repeat routine.  Lots of creative things happened because of that.

  1.  I focused on people I had not yet.  I had nothing for K and that let me focus on Babu’s father, a man I never met, but I feel like I love him.  Did I mention there are mushroom carved on his grave stone?  Read it here: Kwolek
  2.   I focused on objects and places when I couldn’t find another topic.  There is so much side research I do that I almost never write about but the little details are so interesting.  Therefore the Toto’s Zeppelin post came into being.  Read it here:  Toto’s Zeppelin and Typewriters
  3. I knew from the start that I wanted I to be Images.  What a huge door to a huge new world that opened up.  This is only the start:  Images


Of course, a thing I love about challenges is meeting new bloggers and being a part of another community!

I began the year with the decision to post every day.  A challenge like this is a good way to shake things up and keep it interesting.  Which is ridiculous because I am no where near bored yet!

There is a down side of course.

Challenges can sometimes produce bad work.  No one called me out on the fact I published an unfinished post for the “Why I Do This.”  Thank you, kind fellow bloggers.  I fixed it but I am still not happy with this post.  What was I going to write for W except for my favorite word WHY?  But it’s a big word.  And there was a challenge and a time limit so I wrote it.  I put it out there.  I don’t think it fully captures why I read her journals and write this blog.  I don’t really fully understand it beyond that I am obsessed.  That being said, I’m glad the challenge got me thinking – otherwise known as forcing me to write – and you know me, I love the writing process!

Thank you A to Z Challenge for a fun month!  Also, thank you for the great work you are doing.  Things were very well organized and in fun spirit.


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  1. I enjoyed your posts.

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  2. Joan Enoch says:

    I agree – needing to write something to know it. And writing is my verbalizing, also. Funny thing – I feel more myself in my written word than I appear (must appear) in my non-writing world. Enjoyed reading what you put for the A-Z challenge – and Babu’s life is fascinating.

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  3. Nina says:

    Your posts are always entertaining! I’m proud of you for finishing the challenge!


  4. All I can say is, Well Done! You may have actually inspired me to take on a thirty day project one day soon. Thank you! And I too love how you share Babu with the rest of us out here in Blogland.

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