Zosh – Updated

Have you noticed that there haven’t been that many pictures of Zosh?  How come, if she was the best friend, (and she really was, their whole life.)  Well, the reason is, I needed something or Z!

I have updated one post about her, although I should probably update a few more.   Because some posts are all about Zosh.

Zosh- In Loving Memory

I followed the writing on the back and began to upload pictures getting a look at Zosh.

the girls

She has a forehead for days!  One of my students said that about me once and I told his it’s all my brains up there.  He never let me forget it.  I think the same must be for Zosh.  Babu said she was always funny and they were always laughing.  To be so whitty, she had to have been a very smart woman.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her:

zosh picnic

I wish it wasn’t blurry, and yes!  She’s pregnant. ❤  She has this classic geek librarian look I am so jelous of.  SUch style and such a beautiful woman!  I brought a pic to Babu today because I wasn’t sure it was her.  I showed Babu this picture:

babu heart.jpeg

She didn’t know who that beautiful woman was!  But I showed her this one:


And instantly, “That’s Zosh.”  We talked a while about her and Babu told me that when her mother was mad she’d call her “Zoshka!”  Other wise it was ” Zosha.”  I get the big difference.

There are more pictures of her.  Please click on the link.

here it is again:

Zosh- In Loveing Memory


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  1. baog3 says:

    Love your blog, what you do is so amazing and meaningful 🙂 ❤

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