Sunday Share: How do you want your A to Z Challenge?

What kind of response to the April A to Z Challenge would you like to read?  What about an A-Z challenge about Haiku?  Or riddles?  or Science Fiction?

What a blog that is doing all three?  I LOVE it!  It is so well done and makes my inner – and let’s face it outer geek – very happy!

The blog is: Word Wacker  (LOVE IT!)

Yesterday’s Post for S

Shimmering circle,
Seven chevrons encoded,
Gateway to the stars

I didn’t mean to break out in alliteration for today’s entry in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, but that’s how it came out. It’s another puzzle haiku, where you have to figure out what word from science fiction and fantasy that starts with S is suggested by the puzzle. This one is the name, not of a person, but a device, a piece of alien technology harnessed by humans to explore the galaxy. Once you know it, tell us in the comments.

Tomorrow we have a break in the A to Z schedule, but then we push straight through without a break to the end of the alphabet and the end of the month. See you Monday!

Go check out this blog!


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