No Job, The Navy, and Another Night, Another Dance

Another night, another dance.  What a tough life she has!

may 7

Saturday, May 7th, 1938
Another night, Another dance.  Oh my days!  Even tried out for the May Queen with Depathy.  Of course I didn’t get it.  Only John Lech was missing tonight.  Oh yes and not.  I got a craving for an apple and we started off from the house.  Stopped in front of Kozel’s, my neighbor, and exchanged quips and chased each other.  One of the boys wanted to date me up.  Frank said it was good Nat wasn’t there or she’d take him up.  Funny, the boy’s ideas.


No job, no money, no dance.  That’s just how it goes.

may 21

Saturday, May 21st, 1938
Benny’s birthday today.  21.  Ernie and I saw “Girl of the Golden West” and “Crashing Hollywood.”  Had every number but something was lacking.  Frank was the only one there.  No job, no money.  No dance for the boys.


Is it the Navy for Johnny?

may 23

Monday, May 23rd, 1938
We went to the Springfield Hospital Saturday.  We all, the cast, met at Mrs. Burns’ home to discuss the party and the date has been set for June 2nd at the garage.  The boys took us home in the car, but I wasn’t in the mood tonight.  They are thinking seriously of joining the Navy.  Good heaven but we’d miss them.


may 25

Thursday, May 26th, 1938
I’m going to quit taking lessons from Prof. if he’s going to be as ardent as he was this noon.  After church tonight I paid my dentist, Dr. Good, a visit.  Have only one cavity and a cleaning job to be done.  Stopped at Zosh’s house.  Nat was there.  The boys are seriously thinking of going into the Navy.  John will take some friend of his sisters to a dance Sunday.  Darn it.


may 31

Tuesday, May 31st, 1938
Dentist kept me a little over half an hour.  Went by the theatre and decided to see “Test Pilot.”  Sat with Nat and met Eddie and Johnny coming home.  They walked up with us and John home with me.  The girl from N.H. didn’t make a hit with him and I guess they’re going to the Navy.  Said he’d send me something from every port if he did go.  Dad locked me out and threatened to make it permanent.


Babu once told me that right after she got married another boy sent her a letter proposing to her.  He was away at the war as well.  Since I started reading theses I’ve been trying to figure out which boy that could be.  For a moment I though Benny, but that now seems unlikely.  Could it be Johnny?  And did she ever answer his letter?


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  1. I really feel inside this person soul for sure reading these posts! Thanks again…

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    1. Thank you! That’s a sweet thing to say.

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      1. No problem and your very welcomed…


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