Sunday Share: B+W

Lingering Visions is my Sunday Share for this week.  Now only is she doing the April A to Z but this blog is also jam packed with other creative endeavors, too.  As a writer, some one who is always using my words, thinking about words, writing words, reading words, even creating images with words, it’s great to explore actual visuals.  This is a great site, check it out!

A to Z Challenge: Meems Covered Bridge

he Meems Bottom Covered Bridge is beautiful from every angle, in every season; in color, or black and white. One of my pictures of this bridge appeared in the April issue of Shenandoah Living Magazine.

For the April A-Z challenge I will post a black and white for each letter. If you are participating, feel free to link up. I’m interested to see what kind of themes (if any) everyone is doing.

To see the rest of my alphabet click the A to Z menu above or simply click here.


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