May, 1938

Her parents celebrate their 21st anniversary.  She continues rehearsals and they are a part of her reason for lack of sleep that threatens to cause a break down.

I know I’m due for a break down soon with this need for sleep.

The other reasons for her need for sleep?

And another Bay Path memory!  Ernie and I went to the May Country Dance there.  Danced practically all evening with Mr. Brendel and Freddy Gagne.

Her eyes ache and she’s getting head aches, but even still, it’s difficult to feel sympathy!

They are rehearsing now at the garage even after Babu calls Frank out about his crankiness.  Instead of rehearsal they do acrobatics on the lawn.  Instead of rehearsal they play piano and sing.  No wonder after all of that they rehearse until 20 of twelve the following day.  Even still, they perform the play and it is pretty good!

Babu learns to ride a bike…kind of:

Tried to learn to ride a bike tonight.  Very bad.  Zosh tried to give me a ride and we both fell and got bruised

John speeds up the beating of her heart.  Eddie had a prowler in his home and some things were lifted.  Ray brings soda and chips to rehearsal and they feast.  She has another Bay Path Memory at the May Day Dance and Howard Miller, the best dancer at BPI, takes her to the Cadillac Cafe.  She tries out for May Queen and doesn’t get it.  She forgets to get a card for Drobe’s birthday and she is worried that Miller wont show for a dance, but he does after all.  BPI wont recommend a girl named Kitty for a job and it sounds like Babu and Dearest Diary are gossiping.

The pictures she took at dress rehearsal came out even though it started to rain:


She gets a letter from Benny and says that she has written him but for the last time.  She follows with saying that he’s coming home.  Is she done with his or is she going to stop writing only because he’ll be home?

Mildred informs her that Mr. Hitchcock hates red nails so she removes her polish.  She visits Barnes Airport and dreams going up in the bombers that are painted like the sky.  She says they look like big fish.  Zosh and Nat set her hair and she asks heaven to help her the next day.

She wonders if she has fallen for J.L.  She remembers to get him a card for his birthday.

She pays Dr. Good, her dentist, a visit.

She has another joyful time in Vermont.  She dances at a place called “The Barn.”  She stays up until 5 and then goes out for breakfast while the boys have to Milk the cows.  She sees the Grafton Parade and also dances at the Dawn Dance.

John is working his way toward a decision to join the Navy.  He says that he’ll send Babu something from every port.

Her father locks her out of the house and threatens to Make it permanent.  Why?








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