December Lovin’ or Nah

I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.  On Saturday, December 4th she tells Johnny L. she loves him and I don’t think she has ever said it to any other boy before.

dec 3.jpeg
Ok, that could be “I have you” but I don’t think so.

Saturday, December 4th, 1937
Saw “Nothing Sacred” and “Adventurous Blonde.”  Ernie and I shopped but didn’t buy anything.  My voice is going an account of the cheering for the Alumni last night.  The gang of us went riding.  Johnny looked at me and said:  “A penny for your thoughts.”  I said a penny for yours, but I didn’t have a penny.  So I said “I love you.” And he said here goes and kissed me.  Everybody laughed at me tonight cause I looked so funny and acted so funny.  J took such good care of me, it’s good to be me.

By Wednesday she is saying:

dec 7

Wednesday, December 8th, 1937
Worked till 5:30 tonight,  Yesterday I bought a sports coat at Forbes.  They were having a sale and I only plaid $7.50.  Made candy tonight in cooking class.  The boys gave us a ride afterward.   I don’t appreciate the kids so much.  Maybe I’m not in the mood.  John hasn’t changed even though he and Eddie both have colds.

Just so that you know, those kids she speaks of are Johnny and Eddie.

And by Saturday she says:

dec 11.jpeg

Saturday, December 11th, 1937
Ernie and I Christmas shopped today and were exhausted towards the end.  The crowd tires one out more than the actual walking from store to store.  Stayed home tonight.  Mr. and Mrs. Gurka came up and brought some apples.  I wish I would get a letter from Ben.  John is already gone from my mind.  I need new stimulation.


Wow, Babu, I am sorry but you were a fickle girl.  She even admits it.

dec 15.jpeg

Wednesday, December 15th, 1937
Had our party at cooking class.  Also got my pictures today.  The boys and we went skating down to Bemis afterwards.  Had a grand time, but took a nasty fall and bumped my head.  Johnny, I guess, still feels the same way.  I don’t.  Am beginning to hate myself because of my flirting ways.

Yea, well, I’m sure Johnny will hate your flirting ways, once he find out.  I really don’t think he has any idea this is happening.  She might want to let him know.


**Every time she acts out these inexplicable fickle moments, I feel the force of fate working itself out.


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