December, 1937

1937, still moving into a new home, an alumni game which steals her voice, a bad case of laryngitis, a trolley ride with Ray Balut and Jackie Stefanik, Benny is going to the Rose Bowl, supposedly, finally a cozy home and steam heat, shopping for bedroom slippers, white sweaters, sport coats on sale, and portraits, skating at Bemis and taking a nasty fall, quarreling with her mother because of her own stubbornness, Gagne dances with her for the first time ever, Nee Wah meetings and High Masses, making candy in cooking class, movies and slides on South America, Mr. and Mrs. Gurka coming up with some apples, Johnny and Eddie having colds, missing out on seeing the Shirley Temple film, having a cracked idea of writing W.B.Z. and asking him to the Nee Wah formal, Jaime being faithful in the cold weather, Johnny saying she looked like a doll sitting by the fire, the holidays, playing Christmas Carols on a baby grand, a dinner with friends, her mother making spaghetti and Nat bringing pickles, Johnny being nice to her, Eddie and Zosh fighting, and Nat and Frank sharing one chair all evening, a party the Nee Wah girls gave to needy children and Babu has a lonely little girl, Johnny L. giving her balloons and Johnny K. giving her white gloves, family, Wiglia at Aunt Nelly’s, Alice and Jimmy are unhappy and so young, many invites for New Year’s Eve, choosing the Vermont crowd, Jeb turning in his Pierce Arrow for a Cord, dancing at The Butterfly, Harland kissing her, a natural procedure, and to bed at 6 AM, 1938.


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  1. Dacian says:

    Great post!

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  2. Filed words says:

    Not a lot happening, then!

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  3. TCH says:

    I love how this is all in one sentence. Beautiful!

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    1. Oh thank you! I was experimenting so I appreciate the feedback.

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