Sto Lat!

Saturday was Babu’s 99th Birthday!  Her children are all here from corners of the country and she is thriving.  I love to see her reactions this time of year.

Just look at how she is looking at that cake!

The handsome man lighting the candles is my husband, Adam, and I’m in the stars and tie dye.  Behind Babu in black is Babu’s granddaughter and my sister in law, Nicole, and Ginny and Tony, two of Babu’s children, are also around the table.


Moments like these…I’m incredibly happy when I catch them on camera.

Isn’t that the coolest video?  Thank you, husband, for taking that!

We had another birthday party the next day, why not when you are 99?

Babu’s daughter, Ginny, invited Zosh’s daughter, Kathy, and I felt powerful, positive, sentimental vibes!  Kathy brought pictures of the two best friends and other family members.

Some of those pictures were old.  Do you remember her writing about getting her senior picture done?

First and Second Week of May

May 1935 Excerpts

Well, here it is:

high school
Yup!  This picture is from 1935!

Thank you Kathy, for bringing that pic.  I didn’t keep it of course, but snapped a pic.  This was priceless.  I’d like to write more about the experience of meeting her and listening to her stories.  Until then, check this out:

The woman with the curly hair is Babu’s daughter, Trishie, and the woman in the black and white zig zags is Kathy, Zosh’s daughter.

This weekend was amazing.  I’m thankful to be a part of this amazing woman’s 99th birthday.





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  1. Convey my love to her …

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  2. mommyincolor says:

    Happy Birthday, Babu!!!!

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  3. this makes me tear up!! What a lovely touch to have Zoshs’ daughter!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I was blown away. My mother in law had the right idea there.

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  4. Filed words says:

    Love the birthday on speed! She probably feels the years have gone by that quickly. What a lady.

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    1. I know, what a metaphor huh? She is amazing!!! Thank you.


  5. jackscrap says:

    Happy Birthday Babu! 99 and still looking fabulous, how wonderful to have such good family and friends to share the occasion. Loved all the videos too, a treasure to look at over and over again.

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  6. Billi-Jean says:

    Happy happy birthday, Babu!!


  7. strzy-a says:

    Your Babu looks so young! Happy birthday to her! 🙂

    (Btw, are you/is she Polish? Bc the title is sort-of in Polish, though the correct version would be “Sto lat” but it might be in a different Slavic language, they are all similar. Anyway, best wishes from Poland ;))

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it’s Polish but I don’t know Polish so thank you for the help. Meant to ask the fam about it but got side tracked. Best wishes back to you!

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  8. What a wonderful two days! And seeing Babu’s senior photo has made my day! She is so beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I am amazed that you are so interested. I know I am but sometimes I wonder if anyone else would see the value. Thank you so much for your time and lovely feedback!


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