October, 1937

Things begin to change for Babu midway through this month.  The dark cloud over her head mostly dissipates.  Instead of statements about eating lunch alone, she writes about staying out late five nights in a row and things like this:

Feel like a stranger in my own home since I’ve been out so much lately.

Just what she needs, that little social butterfly.  Or maybe not.  Maybe what she really needs is to at least know where she stands with Benny.  I don’t think I realized how much Benny meant to her until  the middle of October.  On the 19th she writes:

My character or rather nature is slowly but surely growing sour.  Mother says I’m cheating her out of years of her life because of it.  I think Benny’s going away had something to do with it.

Well, yea!

On October 21st:

Bought my first package of cigarettes tonight.  No letter yet.

Well, we can see a clear correlation, can’t we?

On October 23rd.

One of the BP boys asked me how Benny was and that he and I made a sweet couple and that he used to watch us dance.

It wasn’t until I read that statement that I really understood.  An outside observer could see what they meant to each other.  And if it was shown in the way they danced, then it was really there.

At the beginning of the month, on the third, she says that she’ll write to Benny again if he doesn’t answer.  By the end of the month she says this:

Don’t know why, but I wrote to Benny.  Feel that I shouldn’t have, but it’s already mailed.  In fact, I’ve got an awful feeling.  I didn’t write anything special.  Just scribbled.  If I don’t get an answer, no more letters to him-ever.

I will tell you that there is a drastic change to this situation happening very shortly.  Stay tuned for that!

October was also full of interesting side notes.  On the cute end:  Babu begins cooking school and joined the “Nee Wah” club.  It is a girl’s social club and I couldn’t find more information on it than that.

On the bad end, her mother is not having a good month.  She is having dental problems and suffers the whole month until finally a dentist lances an abscess.  Gross!  It also seems that her small car accident, the one where that young man hit her with his car, was not completely minor.  She writes:

Attorney Butler is coming over tomorrow is connection with Mother’s accident care.

How interesting.  As usual, not enough detail.


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