Pretty in Pink (Babu Style)


Wednesday, June 16th, 1937
It seems almost incredible.  I thought about it before but only as an impossibility.  Going home after school Benny stopped me and asked if I wanted to go to the dance to Meriden Saturday.  Said he would come for me and bring me back or I could stay over.  Mother said I could go to Aunty’s.  I don’t know what to answer.

She answers yes!

And she even has a date with him before the Meriden dance.


Friday, June 18th, 1937
What a grand and glorious time!  Got flowers and they harmonized.  Benny and I and Frank and Ann and Lincoln and Gerry.  Didn’t stay very long at the dance.  Went to “Wayside.”  Just about half the people there were from BPI and we went around visiting.  Danced and fooled around.  Budson got sick and we stopped.  So did a crusier and we went through a degree.  Benny kissed me twice and I let him.  It was nice!

Seems that things are all coming up harmonized roses.

And then the very next day:

june 18.jpeg

Saturday, June 19th, 1937
Didn’t go for lessons. Just worked around and thought of Benny and lived over the kisses.  He came at eight and brought flowers.  I wore Zosh’s pink taffeta.  He was all alone and the ride was nice.  The “Top Hatter’s” dance was at the “Highland Country Club” in Meriden.

Pink Taffeta?  He brought flowers?!?  Top Hatter’s dance?!?!!   Magic.  I can just imagine and I am so excited for her.  But then:

Didn’t make a hit with anyone cause I was quiet as usual.  Didn’t go anywhere after.  Benny had a headache.  No Kiss.  Aunt Helen let me in at once.

It is inexplicable, to the point where maybe Babu is imagining it?  The next day:


Sunday, June 20th, 1937
Southington.  Went to high mass with Uncle.  Had a pleasant visit.  My godchild, Mary, is an angel.  Benny came at 5.  He had Joe Zehora and Joe Stone with him.  Didn’t enjoy the trip back and they didn’t.  I didn’t have a word to say.  I guess I’ve lost Benny and I’m beginning to care.  Am going to bed before 9 and I hope to sleep but I know will think if—?

She is not imagining it.  Something has happened.  She doesn’t say and I truly get the feeling that she doesn’t know herself.  I wonder if Benny did.  Like you do when you are mourning the loss of what could have been, I think back on memories and feelings Babu had over this boy.

Darn it!  I wish Benny would ask me to the “Hop.”

Dressing prettily (has) is of no avail on Benny.  I see him several times during the day and just look forward to them.  When I turned home after school, the world was grey cause I had gotten no offer.

Have been thinking of Benny at intervals.

Didn’t even see Benny to say hello to him.

Tuesday, June 29th, 1937
Guess I won’t go out after the banquet.  Benny hasn’t said anything.  The kids in school all take it for granted that Benny and I will be together.

Also, Benny hasn’t said anything about the banquet tomorrow.  Joe Adams asked me to go with him, and somehow I got out of it.

Those were just most of the comments from June only.  It’s obvious, when someone can brighten your day and turn it grey…Well, they aren’t fully over yet.  Let’s see what July brings.


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