May 1936

The excitement in March as run out and has left May full of just the usual.  Who will dance with Babu at the innumerable dances and socials that she goes to this month?  What demeanor will Drobey be in when she sees him and will walking right by upset him?  Will or won’t Jaime continue to be her patsy and give her rides home even though she continues to turn him down and even be a little evil?

 Jaime was there, and I fooled around outrageously with Depathy.  I bet Jaime doesn’t give us a ride anymore.

The next day she writes:

Jaime didn’t show up this morning, just as I expected!

and I don’t blame him but by the end of the month:

Jaime seems to have gotten over his fit.

His fit?  Hmmmmmm…

Veronica the Angel talker even pokes her head out to claim she has been to heaven and seen Babu’s grandmother and says she is happy.

Besides all of that, there is an underlying conflict that Babu explains as an argument with her parents about her going out in the evenings too many days a week.  She writes:

Dad + Mother are “agin me.”  Dad dislikes my staying out so much lately.

Please don’t ask why she writes agin me!  Haha.  She even puts it in quotes.  But there’s more to it and Babu never comes out and says it but her parents are mad at her for acting inappropriately.  Here is a little bit more from this month.  It’s a tiny bit hard to read.

I walked home (the only girl) with 4 boys.  Depathy + I were talking + Caveman walked by without a word.  The nut.  Mother gave me some slaps and a lecture.  I say it all the time but from tomorrow I’m turning over a new leaf.

She doesn’t explain much what the new leaf is except to say that she stays in the house more evenings, but again I think it’s something more.

Told Mother about the bicycle ride last night.  She didn’t like it and said she would tell Dad.  I hope not.

The bicycle ride was one with Drobey on Drobey’s bike.

So, what we have here is Babu walking down the street with boys and Babu riding on a bike with a boy and a young lady going to a lot of social events.  I 100% see this as doing nothing wrong.  But this is 1936, a year in which Babu can, and did, go to the movie theater and see a movie called “Wife Versus Secretary.”  What is that crap?  Even factoring in the expectations for a proper lady of the 1930s, Babu is still no Helen Ward.  But she’s not quite sickly Veronica Syper at home going to heaven and talking to the saints either.  Babu is caught in between.  So much so that she can neither get the approval from her parents or the approval from the boys she is usually too shy around.  Well, I’m here to tell you that, for the most part, it all works out.


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