March 1936 – The Great Flood Excerpts

Thursday, March 12th, 1936
It’s been raining all week so far.  If the river doesn’t stop rising conditions are going to become drastic.  Havoc has already been done in some places.  Some small bridges and dams were swept away and trolleys didn’t run for a while today.  Miss Dickey ordered us out of the room this morning and we were only whispering.  Had rehearsal tonight.  Not bad but voices too soft.

Let’s not forget, during this crisis, that she is still cutting up in class.  😉

Wednesday, March 18th, 1936
What a rainy day and was so warm.  The Connecticut river is rising.  The people in West Springfield are leaving their homes because of flood waters.  All over New England dams are bursting, etc.  Dad came home earlier cause the shop was filling up with water.  I finally finished my outlining in Economics.  Aunt Helen has a little girl.  She was born Monday.

Things were getting pretty serious!

Thursday, March 19th, 1936
Dad didn’t work cause the shop is flooded.  No people in the street in Spfld.  They’re pumping water out from the stores there.  Went to see the floods around.  Our Davit Bridge is standing but the water is touching it’s bottom.  The West Springfield Bridge is liable to fall.  The ice is roaring up against it, and the water is already going over in places.  Jaime’s home is flooded.  They are living in the city.

She’s very lucky that during this time she lived far enough from the river and on higher ground.

Friday, March 20th, 1936
Diary, I never experienced anything like this flood before.  We went to school, but there were no lessons.  Spfld has no electric power.  Frances Cebula and I went to some of the flooded areas and took some snap shots.  Zosh + I met Willy and Jimmy Kudzel + went to the top of Sandy Hill.  I never realized the enormity of the disaster.  But what a beautiful sight it is at night.  All the street lights were on and reflected on the water.  Gorgeous.  Saw “The Invincible Play.”

Leave it to her to find the beauty in this disaster!

Saturday, March 21st, 1936
The water is steadily subsiding.  That’s good news.  We thought it wouldn’t cause it was raining hard this morning.  I bought more films today and Zosh, Eddie Zuilonka, + I went “traipsing” all over Sandy Hill for good views.  Caveman is working day + night delivering milk.  Johnny Krol has a flood refuge also.  I’m so tired, (my feet) that I can hardly drag along.  I practically feel asleep walking down street.

Well, maybe if you weren’t running everywhere trying to be some Junior Journalist you wouldn’t be so tired!

Tuesday, March 24th, 1936
We has lessons today.  There was no light + power.  We walked about downstairs with the aide of a search light.  No lights upstairs, but the sun was shining.  They unearthed a cow bell or something and rung it between classes.  We had our calculating test today.  I copied two answers from “Monty” who sat next to me.  Johnny Krol came up.  I didn’t go to Fleagues although I was dressed for it.  We went to the library.  She helped me get my trial balance.

They didn’t used to play.  Can you imagine school not being cancelled during a power outage?!

Thursday, March 26th, 1936
Spent a lazy day except for a lot of walking.  Meant to do a lot of practicing but didn’t  Saw Mrs. Cunningham.  She was going by in her car and hailed me.  The “National Guards” are here, there + everywhere with the swashbuckling style + air of owning the town.  Got my film today. The picture Zoos’ and I were in didn’t take, nor one of the pictures with the sun out.  The rest were rather good.

The pictures came out!  I’m on the case.  I will find them.  And I will post them.

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