A Stony Sunday Share (I just wanted to round out the alliteration.)

I am back!  I’ve been camping – for a week – and it was every single thing I needed.  For now, it is time for the Sunday Share.  As rejuvenating as the vacation was, I am happy to sit back down and check in on blogs and get back to work.  (There was no wifi or cell phone service of any kind where I was.  Yes, those places still exist!)

I found a blog called Days of Stone, written by Ryan Stone, (clever, huh?)  It’s a damn fine blog, I must say.  I found myself especially take away by this poem.

Poem for a Wedding

It’s a fleeting moment–
a red sky at twilight,
rushing to the long night;
the last russet leaf
clinging to bough
as autumn inhales,

breathes out.

You know this, you’ve felt it
in the grey light of dawn,
in that pause
between waking and finding.
You’ve heard it whisper
through the dry grass
of summer–a promise
tossed on the wind.

Yesterday’s smoke
blows over fields,
tomorrow hides
inside dreams.
This hand in your hand
is the one, the only
true kingdom

under the sun.

Ryan Stone

Please go check out his blog.  It’s visually as well as linguistically stunning.


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  1. Ryan Stone says:

    Thank you so much, I’m flattered! Big smiles over here 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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