Sunday Share – Leaves in Fall

I just had the pleasure of finishing a blog-mates novel, Leaves in Fall.  Sam McManus can be found at Sam’s Online Journal and Leaves in Fall can be found on Amazon.leaves

I began following his wonderful blog to find out he has done the thing! Actually he has done the thing several times over and has more than one novel out there you can grab up.  I decided to purchase a copy because the synopsis was well written and intriguing and because it is incredibly important for me to support fellow writers, more fellow writers than just Stephen King and Joe Hill.  I love them.  But they don’t really need my support.

Sam McManus made you know the people in this small town.  Reading it, you become part of the town and you are taken down country roads that take a lot of twists and turns.  There are other roads that converge and it it becomes quite a delightfully (for me, the reader) twisted mess the characters find themselves in.  The road begins with two boys and lazy days in the country.  These are boys you would know, maybe classmates you had in school, maybe you and your hesitant friend could connect to these two.  But these two are already caught in the middle of everything.  They just don’t know it yet.

Thanks, Sam, I love a well told story.  It was a bonus I came to know these rounded, flawed, very human characters so well!


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  1. nice set up-now I want to read it! You are a kind soul and it shows up often!

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    1. You should read. And thank you.


  2. arlingwoman says:

    Sounds good! I’ll look this up.

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  3. He has done the thing…ah yes! We applaud our fellow bloggers when they do the thing. Sweet! Inspiring!

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