Second Week of April 1935

Babu is so engrossed in a book she can’t do her homework.  I looked it up and it was hard to find but it seems to be “There’s Always Tomorrow” by Ursula Parrott, a romance novel.  🙂

She gets her rose shaded glasses and finds out her eyes were pretty bad.  To think she sees as well as she does now!!

A boy comes to her locker, and Babu quips a one liner about how all they talk about is accounting.

Babu has an astute observation.  “Everytime Caveman talks to me he looks at Jenette.  Some day I’ll tell him.”

She has a beautiful conversation with her father and writes: “Dad and I had a talk over old times, present times, etc. Marriage”
I would give anything to know more about that conversation.

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