Second and Third Week of Feburary 1935

She attended a Quill and Masque meeting and claimed she didn’t fit in with this group of people.  The club sounds interesting and I plan on asking her what this club did.  Spoiler alert since I have transcribed ahead of this month, she continues to go to it.

She got a valentine from Caveman, was surprised she didn’t get one from Jaime, but went to the movies with Johnny.

Sophie turned 16.  At her birthday party they had a “rippin'” time.

Babu saw Jake in the library “looking for a book report.”

Report cards came out and Babu was hoping Mrs. Harrington would get “Soft-hearted and give her a B but no chance.”

A boy in the bowling alley started to talk with her but it went no where since Jenete butted in.

Jenete put two sets of initials in her notebook and one set involved Babu’s.  I’ll make you wait until the excerpt to reveal with whom.

She had a “scrumptious” time at the dance and everyone watched her and Jenete waltz.  “Anyway it seemed so.”  she wrote.  She write with much humor and I chuckle as I read about how she was ironing cuffs and collars and hadn’t finished her report on Burke.  “Poor me.” is her ending to that entry.

She cut her “Hepburn bangs” and was lectured for doing so and caught a cold on Saturday but still went to the movies.  Not surprisingly she felt worse the next day yet still spend a good amount of the day socializing.

There is one part of these two week’s of entries that makes my heart skip a beat.  I shall not yet reveal!


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  1. barbwit says:

    You are such a tease!


    1. Hahahahahahah! Sorry…

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      1. barbwit says:

        I think you just did the Laugh Out Loud prompt!


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