The First Week of Feburary 1935

This is an exciting week!

Jenete is going to prom and there is much talk about dresses – even something an acquaintance is wearing that Babu calls “transparent velvet.”  This isn’t the days of Miley Cyrus so I doubt she really meant transparent.  Babu helps her friend get her eye brows done and her nails, Babu talks about all the people who are letting Jenete borrow something, but oddly, Babu is not going.  I don’t believe it is her prom yet she pines the whole week about going.

One entire day’s passage, a Sunday, is only about going to the movies.


She wears a corset dress to school that everyone loves and although I know nothing about fashion I can picture her.  She is beautiful.


She discovers the wonders of Vaseline lip ice – “It’s like lipstick but gives the faintest tinge.”  Precious!


She cheats off of Johnny on her English test managing to pull of an 80% and lists all the sweets she eats, even the candy she “hooked” off the table at her piano teacher’s house.  It’s justified.  Jenete cried because she couldn’t learn the hard piano part.


Jenete looked gorgeous going off to prom, with her two friend’s help, and AJ is not going to the prom with WBZ and doesn’t Babu get the gossip.  Not all of it though, she doesn’t know why AJ went with someone named Howie instead.


I wish I could decipher what is really going on with “Caveman.”  She sees him sometimes and avoids him or he dumps snow on her and her friends tease it’s a love tap but she says “My eye.”  He even asks if she wants to go to prom and she says she isn’t going although admits to her diary she of course wants to.  Unspoken:  not with him.  I cannot figure out why.  Other than her parents don’t approve, but I have never know that to stop star crossed lovers.


I think Jenete’s prom is not the same one Babu is supposed to go to although Jenete is going to Cathedral’s prom, her beau clearly attends there and not her own high school.  Babu hopes she can go with her to that prom.  I can’t wait to read more to see if there is still the Chicopee High Prom to come and if Babu gets to go.  Perhaps she cannot until her senior year.  I devilishly feel like skipping ahead!  Who will she attend with?


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  1. OneSmatBunny says:

    very exciting. friend relationships are tricky. good insights


  2. barbwit says:

    Oh, the pangs of envy. I returned to London before I was 13, so never got a junior or senior prom. They are not part of English school life. So when I graduated from the University of New Mexico (in 2002, aged 67) I said I wanted a prom; it was splendid and not only did I dance, I got to sing with the band!
    I do hope Babu got to go eventually.


    1. That is wonderful. So much a better story!!! I do not know yet if Babu will get to go and she cannot remember. I think she is in her junior year so she must have to wait. I think it was killing her but she clearly survived!


  3. barbwit says:

    Can’t wait to find out.


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