Out of character?

Babu read the passage about Mucha’s over and over as if she were trying to decode something.  “I wasn’t that kind of person!”  She said.  I gave a good natured laugh.  “What do you think was going on there?”  I ask her and she doesn’t know.  “Maybe it was an accident,”  I say to soothe her but she doesn’t get tricked easy and I respect that about her.  She gives a little shake of her head and reads the passage again.  She is the one who wrote it but time has obscured her memory along with the evidence.  Actually, not all of the evidence.

Saturday, January 19 1935
Jenete and I went to see “Shirley Temple” in “Bright Eyes” and Franchot Tone in “Gentlemen are Born.”  Almost smashed a window in Mucha’s with a tomato can.  We hid behind the store while Teddy took the blame. Or did he?


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