The Third Week of 1935

WBZ is being a card.  He likes two girls, one is nemesis AJ, and neither one is Babu.  She criticizes him but I think she would still take his class pin if he offered it!  😉  She goes skating for the first time and falls, but has faith she’ll get better but the next day she fails her grammar test!  (This surprises me about her but I guess she wasn’t always a grammar expert.)  Her theme is ready to hand in and I wish so badly that I could read it.  It is called: “All on Account of a Cat.”    Who knows?  Maybe it still exists in this house somewhere.  She is not happy with it herself and wishes to never hear about the thing again.  Little did she know that should would be reading about it all these years later!  She gets up to some mischief at Mucha’s, a small grocery store. Tisk, Tisk!oTBwtzu8Qqonxc1WUI7qb3Qf2nHbLsB_F93mF-H8j6Q.jpg


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