Happy Star Wars Day!



Watch out for this sith.

Yes.  We bought our tickets over a month ago.  All our friends are going to the “advanced screening.”  We have costumes.  We have seen all the previews.  I don’t know if both of us will get to go.  Babu has been sundowning every once in a while and the two people supposed to cover the two parts of the day both have significant others in the hospital!  The force is against us…My mom has offered to watch Babu but how to we train her to ride out the episodes?  They are so heartbreaking and terrifying and I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with that.  If our coverage does come through, will I just sit in the theatre worried about how she is doing?

I respect all of the people out there who are caretakers.  I hope you like being a homebody, I hope you have very few hobbies or interests that would take you from your home, I hope your loved one is doing well and I hope you have a strong support system.  That is key.

I’ve been exhausted yet couldn’t go to bed early last night.  Instead, I hugged my husband and we watched the trailers again.  We got lost in the story, the epic tale, the world that had been created for us for a while.  Without these escpapes I don’t know what I’d do.  I rested easier afterward.  I hope the force is with us today.


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  1. barbwit says:

    Hello, I just read all your blogs about Babu. In the first one (I was born in 1935) you mention a group called Falcons. That was the name of a youth organization in Europe that wore blue shirts and red bandana scarves, and camped rather like boy scouts. I have friends in England who used to camp with the Falcons. I wonder whether there was any connection.
    Also my father was instrumental in putting sound on films in the early 20s, and installing the Western Electric equipment into theaters around the States, and then Europe. I don’t know whether he ever went to Springfield, but I think they were mostly Warner Bros. theaters.
    Now I’m trying to write my father’s biography, but without his help, only documents and diaries that are very spasmodic and not nice and chatty like Babu’s.
    We cared for my mother when she had Alzheimers, so our sympathy is with all caretakers. You are doing a fine job from what we read between the lines of your lovely blogs. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Thanks so much for your supportive comments. Your biography project sounds amazing! <3! Keep up the good work!

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