Excerpt #1


Saturday January 5, 1935

“We” went sliding tonight and I enjoyed myself. Drobey doesn’t seem to be afraid of me anymore. He says “How about letting me read your 1934 diary. I shouldn’t want him to because I was silly about him, but that’s all over now. Sophie’s permanent came out wonderfully.

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  1. pseudonymous says:

    I love stuff like this. I’ve been reading gold miners letters lately. No better way to get a first hand account of the way things used to be.

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    1. That does sound like an interesting read. However, I don’t know if anything could be more interesting then reading about this woman I love so much! It’s an entirely new way to learn about a person. THANK YOU very much for your interest. please keep stopping by!

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      1. pseudonymous says:

        Even better that there’s a personal connection.


  2. byJenks says:

    The penmanship- it looks similar to my mothers handwriting. What a treasure in these diaries.

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    1. Oh that is so sweet. Thanks and yes I agree. I’m so thankful for the journals and more so the experience!


  3. LB says:

    So there was a diary before this one, then? Am I understanding that correctly? You are transcribing 1935, but there was a 1934, too?

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