Maybe she’s throwing things and his world stopped spinning.

There are quite a few days that go by without a letter. But nothing is going to stop the fact that summer is approaching and Babu just can’t seem to keep the boys at bay.

June 2, 1941,

Hoped to get a letter from Jake, but there was none.  Got a few cards from Drobe in Washington.  Visited Natalie Skowyra’s apartment-she’s getting married June 14.  Then choir rehearsal.  Spike and Joe Chmiel took Zosh and I for ice cream and then out on the golf driving range.  It was great stuff.  Spike asked Zosh who I was going with to the formal.  Late again to bed.

What’s Spike’s deal, man? He’s out playing golf during the day, so I know he’s not a…

June 3, 1941,

Gladys Szetela was in N.Y. so I took over presidency tonight at Nee-Wahs.  Matters proceeded rather smoothly.  We met down stairs in the basement but after the meeting went over to the Cabot Street Fire station to look over the recreation room there, which we are going to be allowed to use.  Edmund took Ernie, Zosh, and myself to see the fireworks at Mt. Park.  He locked his keys in the car and had to break a window to get in.

After reading this passage I can’t help but think what could have been. She could have succeeded very well in some sort of a political career. She just had all that poise and drive. Well, thankfuly for me she had a grandson instead!

June 4, 1941,

Jakey had a perfect announcement of his solo flight in the paper tonight.  John Bartula came up tonight and asked me to play tennis Saturday.  Got a letter from Peach asking me to come down at the end of the month.  Played the piano at choir rehearsal again.  Spike drove me home.  He also asked me to go to the formal with him.  I refused.  I may be in Alabama; but I may ask J.L.

This is exciting, she may go to see Jake in Tuscaloosa? Oh, I hope she does. Seems Jakey may loose his grip on her otherwise!


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