Dodo No More

May 29, 1941,

Had another letter from Jakey.  This one was a happy one.  He wrote that he had soloed Tuesday.  His mother and I went to Matilda Showyra’s shower.  I had a grand time.  Edmund came and after I had a few numbers and a few drinks and he had more, we got pretty gay.  We got home after 12 and he wanted to eat so we drove to Springfield and had a sandwich and milk.

                 May 27, 1941

Dear Emily:

     I am no longer a dodo-I’ve soloed believe it or not.  At exactly 3:45 I took off and landed three times in a row.  Boy am I happy.  I’m certainly going to have a beer this weekend.  I hope you approve.

     I’ll tell you about my solo.  The instructor and I flew around for about 18 minutes.  I made 2 landings and after the second landing the instructor was explaining something to me when all of a sudden he said do you think you can take it up yourself?  Was I surprised?  It was so unexpected.  I said yes sir! In a loud voice and he climbed out of the plane and said it’s all yours -good luck, so I took off and landed and I wasn’t a bit nervous although I always figured I would be.  Gosh if you and Ed and Chet were here we’d certainly celebrate because I feel swell.

     I’m sending you some pictures that were taken in front of City Hall the week before I left.  Keep them for me will you.

     About this fellow I was telling you about in my last letter.  You should have seen him tonight.  It was the last inspection made by the upperclass and they certainly went to town.  They are leaving tomorrow.  Back to mounce-He was dressed in civilian clothes with everything on backwards.  His shirt coat and pants were buttoned in the back.  His necktie was also on the back of his neck.  An upperclassman said forward march and he started to walk backwards.  From the ground up to his neck it looked as if he were marching forward but his face was in the wrong direction.  I hope you can get an idea of how he looked from my description.  It was funny.

     And so to bed after a happy day.  Bye and keep writing.  I’m glad you like the pin.  That was quick results.  I see the pin on you even before I figured you received it.




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