The Middle of March, 1941

Babu’s 24th year doesn’t start off so good.  Or, another way to look at it is that it actually started off with a bang.  😉

The Beginning of March, 1941

Wednesday, March 12th, 1941

It was hard for Ernie and me to get up.  We resigned ourselves to the bus but Peaches took us to work.  Almost half-past four I felt pretty sick in the office but felt better after I got home.  Daddy and I were going to church and Jakey came so he and I went. Took a ride, came home, and listened to the radio. He’s said and done some sweet things lately.  He left about 10 cause we both need sleep.


Saturday, March 15th, 1941

I heard today that Johnny Olbrych is the father of a baby girl.  It’s wrong to gossip but she did come rather soon. We told Zosh and Nat about going tomorrow and this evening Ruth came up asking if she could go along because she heard Adam was at Camp Edwards.  Edmund, Jake, and I played cards and decided to go to sleep fairly early.

Oh, Babu, yes.  It is wrong to gossip.  😉

I am excited for the day they are going to have tomorrow visiting some of their friends, including Zosh’s future husband, who have enlisted in the National Guard and are completing training at Camp Edwards.

Sunday, March 16th, 1941

Got up at 5:30 and went to church.  We (Zosh, Nat, Ruth, Jake and I) started off in the snow and rain at 7:30.  By 10 it had cleared a lot and we got to Camp Edwards at 11. Besides the boys, we located Adam.  We ate dinner in the mess hall but didn’t like it very much. Spoke to J.L. for about half-hour. We saw the boys quarters and rode around the camp.  Took Stretch and Ed and the girls to town (Falmouth.) We had supper there and started for home at 6. The beginning was alright but soon the roads were slippery and we had to proceed slowly.  After we took everybody home Jake and I reached home at 12-very tired.

History of Camp Edwards

The day seems rather bland as it is describe yet the pictures seem just amazing to me.  Maybe it is because of the history that seems connected to these images.

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  1. Smiling faces. But not for long, I imagine 😦

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