April A-Z: November, 1940

Since I am so far behind, I figured I would add another post.  Trying to make up for it, ok?

nov 1 40

Saturday, November 2nd, 1940

Pouring rain for football games today.Jake and I listened to them all afternoon.His car has been in the garage all week being overhauled.He got it tonight and he, Fila, and I went driving-very slowly, to break it in.That same filled front tooth that has been bothering me started a few days ago more than ever and it almost is unbearable now.

I love reading about her simple days as much as the exciting ones.

Tuesday, November 19th, 1940

We had movies on arranging flowers at club tonight.  Met some of the Young Republicans boys after the meeting.  Max Suchy, Chester Tajtowicz and Chester Modzelewski gave us a ride home but instead drove to “Frank’s Gayette.”  We had hardly gotten settled and ordered when Jake and Edmund popped in.  Jake’s face drained of color and he was noncommittal most of the evening.  The boys all razzed him, but it wasn’t funny.  Came home with him, but now?

Oh, no!  Drama!  But only a misunderstanding.  I can understand why Jake was upset, at least at being caught by surprise – but I admire that Babu considers herself beholden to no man.

Wednesday, November 20th, 1940

Billy Veale called tonight looking for Jake and then they both came.  Edmund and Fila visited also and we talked and did crossword puzzles.  They all stayed until after eleven.  Peach is rather distant with me.  Guess the thrill is gone.

That boy just doesn’t know how to tell you he loves you and is afraid of loosing you.  Girl.

Wednesday, November 27th, 1940

Ernie’s cousin, John Jones, got married a few weeks ago and his mother and father, or her parents, didn’t know.  The marriage certificate was opened by mistake.  Fila, Ed, Jake, and I went shopping with Mrs. Stefanik.  Driving is so dangerous and slow since the snow came.  We stopped at Shankie’s for a while.  Jake and I went to the airport and almost got stuck in the snow.

Oh how they must have been so panicked.  How would they have explained getting their car stuck in the snow at the airport?


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