Retro Wednesdays: Cocktails: Part Two

Here is part one from two weeks ago:

Retro Wednesday: Cocktails

As The Rescued Photo keeps finding out information about the “extras” in these pages like Stanley Midura and Milton Adams, I keep finding out about what Babu says she’s drinking.

In January, 1941, Babu writes:

Teddy gave us some straight Golden Wedding yesterday and this morning I woke with a headache.  Probably it was from that.  Will have to give up drinking, I guess.  One drink and I get a headache.  Maybe I don’t have enough.

In case you are wondering, yes, I died two and a half times from laughter while reading this.

So, I have to find out what Golden Wedding is, of course.  Here we go!

gw 9.jpeg

Yea, OK.  One drink of straight whiskey might have given you a headache.  (I love how her solution is to both not drink and drink more.)  I question her deduction skills, however.  She did once write that she began sneezing immediately after stepping in a puddle.

gw 7
Well, if they say it’s good…Nah, I’m still doubtful.

I found this review and wondered, could this person be serious?

A simple but not simplistic whisky. Hot, peppery and slightly spirity and rich in toffee, with hints of burnt caramel and nutty dry grain. Rye notes come through as dusty, earthy and flinty, with suggestions of pickle juice along with cooked fruit and hints of flowers. A well balanced dram, Golden Wedding ends with typical Canadian whisky pithiness. Simple and enjoyable mixed with ginger ale, on ice or straight up.

Fruit, flowers, and…pickle juice?  Could Babu have enjoyed this drink pre headache?  The comments below this review showed I was not the only one to think this:

Davin! You’ve got to be kidding us with this review! Golden Wedding has got to be the worst whisky Canada has to offer, it’s even worse than Seagrams!

But Davin replied that he was quite serious, enjoyed the whiskey, and was not paid for that review.  Evidently, it’s quite popular in parts of Canada.

So yea, puddle or no, Babu may have been right about the headache.

Whatever the case may be, I had to find a recipe that included such a drink, but left me with a better taste in my mouth.  Here is a cocktail recipe for Golden Wedding even though Babu, for whatever reason, drank it straight.


OK, that doesn’t sound too bad…I guess.




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  1. Thanks for the mention! And…I think I’ll pass on the Golden Wedding. haha

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    1. Yea me too I think! I’d really love to mix up a Scarlett O’Hara though.


  2. I don’t drink spirits at all but I must say that ad has lovely graphics.

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    1. I find retro ads very interesting as well!

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  3. Makes me wonder what would have happened if she drank a dram while stepping into a puddle…Oh, I love that Babu! You too, Angie, for sharing with us in the blogosphere 🙂

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