Sunday Share: Birthday Reflections

I’ve just read a lovely post written by Judy Dykstra Brown and I connected all too much to the superstition and reflections around birthdays.

I wrote about some similar things here:

The Big Day

Along with a wonderfully written post, and blog!, there was a very moving poem included in this post.  Please check out not only this link and wonderful post:

Birthday Reflections

But her blog as a whole.  It’s full of great stories thoughtfully told and wonderful poetry!


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  1. mommyincolor says:

    Wow, 100 years old!!! What an absolute blessing! Oh the stories she must have for a life so long. She is very much loved judging by all the people that showed up at her party. Here’s to many more birthdays!!!

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  2. mommyincolor says:

    Oh, and I rwad Judy’s birthday post and I’ve subscribed to her blog as well!!! Happy writing!

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    1. Wonderful! You wont be disappointed with her blog.

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  3. lifelessons says:

    I’m very honored by your linking to my blog. Thanks for introducing me to Mommyincolor, and for giving me the opportunity to read your blog about Baba’s 100th again.

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